Our Wellness Center

Our Sanctuary

Dedicated to the intricate balance of emotional and physical well being.

In addition to psychedelic medicine, we specialize in floatation therapy, yoga and meditation and holistic medicine. FloLo provides a community of transformative experience that transcends conventional wellness practices.

Our Sanctuary

Integrated within the FloLo Holistic ecosystem

Our psychedelic treatments are thoughtfully designed to synergize with floatation therapy, holistic body work and community classes.

This multi-disciplinary approach allows for a nuanced and individualized healing journey, enriched by the availability of complementary therapies.

Included with your treatment

Zero Gravity Floatation Experiences

Zero gravity floating has been shown to help reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and many other emotional, and physical disorders.

In addition to our Sensory Deprivation Water Floatation rooms, you will also experience our Zero Gravity Dry Floatation as part of your treatment.

Included with your treatment

Unlimited use of our Healing Rooms

Private Infrared Sauna with Shower

Private Cold Plunge and Steam Room

HaloTherapy Salt Caves

Included with your treatment

Daily Yoga and Meditation Classes

Your treatment includes unlimited yoga and meditation classes, the perfect complement to your psychedelic journey. These classes enhance treatment by promoting flexibility, strength, and mental clarity.

Yoga supports your body's physical readiness for therapy, while meditation helps reduce stress and improve focus. This combination amplifies therapeutic outcomes and supports holistic healing.

Included with your treatment

Advanced Sound and Light Therapy

Float on our zero gravity vibroacoustic sound frequency table. Feel gentle vibrations resonate through your body, aligning your energy and calming your mind.

As sound envelops you from below, a scientifically calibrated brain wave strobe bathes your face in mesmerizing light. Backed by years of research, this strobe light therapy targets gamma waves, enhancing attention span, immunity, cognitive function, and mindfulness.

Holistic Treatments

Treatments that complement your psychdelic journey

Acupuncture and Fire Cupping

Massage and Lymphatic Drainage treatments


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